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Providing top-notch decorative home concrete landscape curbing that transforms outdoor spaces into works of art.

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Welcome to Coastal Creative Curbing

Coastal Creative Curbing is Bradenton’s premier landscape edging company specializing in decorative curbing or borders for residential and commercial properties. Decorative curbing is concrete extruded from a specially designed machine and is available in multiple colors and designs. Our concrete borders are more economical and durable than traditional edging. Curbing makes maintenance a lot easier by reducing edging and trimming time and acting as a root and weed barrier. It provides curb appeal adding value to your home or business. Our extruded concrete borders or curbing, will not rust like steel, rot like wood, break like plastic or move like bricks. The existing landscape is not disturbed and most jobs are completed in just one day.

Pattern Samples

Color Samples

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Decorative Concrete Enhances Commercial and Residential Landscapes.

Coastal Creative Curbing offer seamless curbing, edging, borders, and landscaping that are custom made to match and complement the landscaping of your home or place of business. We are licensed and insured and add value to your assets and investments. Landscape Edging is an inventive method to enhance the appearance of any landscape, and we have the professionals that will do the job, Right. You can use landscape edging around driveways or around flowerbeds. A continuous piece of concrete is “poured” from an extruder before being colored and stamped in various ways. Designed to fit any landscape design, this continuous concrete border is made the way you want it.


Our Process

  1. First, we meet with our customers to design curbing specific to their needs.
  2. Then we schedule the job.
  3. Once at the job site we start preparing the ground. Ground preparation is a very important step in achieving a professional look.
  4. The concrete is prepared in a mortar mixer with sand, cement, fiber, water and color to customize it just the way the customer wants.
  5. After the mixture is ready, the mix is transported and shoveled into the concrete curb machine and extruded into a continuous concrete border.
  6. Once the decorative concrete curbing is extruded, it can be stamped to create patterns using various stamping tools. There are many colors and stamping designs available.
  7. Control joints are then added to help prevent cracks every three to four feet while the surface is still wet.
  8. The final step is to seal the concrete curbing with a special sealant to enhance the colors, texture, and design chosen for the curb.

Landscape Edging Pattern Samples

Below is only a sample of some of our most popular patterns that our clients has used. If you do not see a pattern you like please contact us today to have one of our representatives schedule a meeting so that we can find your perfect landscape edging pattern.

Landscape Edging Color Palette

Below is a list of some of our most popular color choices that our clients has used. If you do not see a color you like please contact us today to have one of our representatives schedule a meeting so that we can find your perfect landscape edging color.

CC730 (B)

Pecos Beige
CC550 (A)

CC320 (B)

San Jose Buff
CC715 (B)

Austin Buff
CC047 (A)

Phoenix Tan
CC575 (A)

Sand Buff
CC725 (B)

Desert Tan
CC275 (C)

Autumn Brown
CC050 (D)

CC177 (D)

Yuma Gold
CC990 (B)

CC805 (C)

CC460 (C)

CC705 (B)

Terra Cotta
CC875 (C)

Tile Red
CC895 (C)

Brick Red
CC100 (C)

Tahoe Red
CC850 (D)

Cherokee Red
CC153 (D)

CC630 (D)

CC510 (A)

CC200 (B)

CC750 (B)

CC885 (A)

CC595 (A)

Soft Gray
CC802 (A)

Silver Gray
CC770 (A)

Euro Gray
CC285 (A)

Dark Gray
CC230 (C)

CC150 (D)